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You would have a best desi chatting experience on our site.

Communication and Social Media has changed rapidly over the last 20 years.

This site is without doubt the most awesome chat site with loads to offer like web cams, being free, forum and more… At no time was my language abusive or obscene with any…

Read Full Review Written on: 07/04/2014 Chat Buddy was the internet chat room nuts! Ashame things turned out the way they did, nevertheless I'm sure it will make a come back some day! Ban received because I was greeting someone in French after they spoke French to me. Read Full Review Got to say one of the best chat sites on the net!

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Last time I checked the chat room was once again building in numbers and as usual attracting the best chatters from the UK and beyond.

the mods are great and the users are all friendly and fun.

brilliant quiz nights and funny stuff going off on cams all the time. Read Full Review Thank GOD you are back open CHAT BUDDY!

The old chat room is still there which is great for people like me that love chatting online. Final ban by co-ordinator \'Miss (something) who, prior to the ban asked:\'How would you like it if I r.p.d(sexuaççy violated) you while you were sleeping\'.

The site doesn't require registration unless you want to join the hot or not section. Read Full Review Am I sad for writing a review about my favourite chat room re-opening? Chat Buddy has finally opened its doors once again and the dedicated chatters are flocking back. My response was to inform \'her\' that she would be reported to the police.

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