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Within families, addiction leads to rigid boundaries, poor communication, high levels of negativity and conflict, dishonesty, and social isolation.

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Use the following agreement for discussion on your expectations regarding drugs and alcohol.

However, the research base is slowly starting to grow.

In the last several years additional studies have appeared in general and addiction-specific journals, with such titles as “Addictive Personality and Problematic Mobile Phone Use” (2009) [v]; “Associations between Problematic Mobile Phone Use and Psychological Parameters in Young Adults” (2012) [vi]; and “Are We Addicted to Our Cell Phones? How is mobile phone use impacting romantic relationships?

That and lots of buzzing sounds indicating incoming text messages and Facebook alerts.

Finding the Right Mobile Phone for a Teenager You could just chance it and choose the first phone you see, or you could play it safe and ask your teenager what phone they actually want.

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