Carbon dating brockley theatre

Sarah is currently working on a book about the role of the writer in collaborative theatre for Palgrave Macmillan.

She is the Writer-in-Residence for Fluff Productions and the Creative Director of the performance-events company Hush-Hush Hoopla.

Emily Jones is a founding member, co-artisitc director and resident casting director of Fluff productions.

Her Theatre casting credits include Unscorched (Papatango at the Finborough), The Keepers of Infinite Space (Park Theatre), As You Like It, Richard III (Changeling Theatre), World Enough and Time (Fluff Productions).

Off West - Browse our theatre list below for what's on: Off West is a United Kingdom (UK) based company serving the international, the UK and London based theatres and theatre goers.

Carbon Dating is a new comedy from award winning Australian writer Ron Elisha (Man in the Middle, Einstein).Presented by Out Fox productions Directed by Amy Gunn The foul mouthed, beer-swilling Gut Girls of Victorian London spend their days ankle deep in blood and nights in the delights of the East Ends most notorious dance halls.Known for their outrageous hats, raucous antics and dont mess attitude, these cockney lasses aint the type of girl you want to take home, let alone meet down a dark alley.Originally, from Chicago, she currently resides in London.Justin Audibert is a freelance theatre director and Associate for Told By An Idiot, Associate Director for Red Ladder, and Artistic Associate for High Tide Festival Theatre.

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