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I often feel quite Alienated here as a matter of fact because I don't really fit in with either my caucasian student peers, due to being from a low income background nor the African American populace due to experiencing life from a different ethnical disposition, nor the asian demographic because they tend to stick within their circles.

Or end up with some guy who looks "tough" whether he is or not. Just don't join clubs with solely the intent to meet people.

Does being a lower income caucasian make it very difficult?

Occasionally I see attractive women on the CDTA buses but that is an awkward as hell scenario and they seem very uncomfortable to be on the bus to begin with, so that's probably out. Another question that may seem ridiculous at the surface but is actually a real curiosity of mine because the behavior of women here is far different than other states I have lived in, specifically in that I see a lot of women here with "tough" guys.

Currently training in martial arts (for self disciplinary purposes, not to be the Alpha male on the block).

How difficult is it to meet women in this area given the combination of variables I present?

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