Can dating lose alimony

Brette's Answer: Assets and debts are generally distributed as of date of separation/date of filing.

The judge will clearly understand what your ex did when it comes to alimony.

Can my spouse successfully fight to get alimony calculations based on my full-time income capacity?

Lisa's Question: I am salaried part-time, and I have Crohn's disease and other medical issues that would make it extremely difficult to work full time. Could my spouse be successful in fighting to get the calculations based on full-time income capacity, which would cut my support to very little?

Kerry's Question: My attorney, after looking at our tax forms told me that I would receive 00/month alimony for 5-7 years. Brette's Answer: Well of course there's a difference!

My husband's attorney, after looking at pay stubs said that I would only receive 0 per month. Your husband's attorney is underestimating what you will get and your attorney is overestimating.

If you own the home, and the other person does not have exclusive occupancy, you have the right to enter it. You can find out more by reading through our faqs on temporary support. Kim's Question: How is it determined if a spouse is eligible for alimony?

Brette's Answer: Each state has different rules, so it is important that you talk to an attorney to understand your state laws.

The length of payments and termination of support will be determined by your divorce decree, but alimony will generally end upon remarriage or cohabitation of the receiving spouse.Brette's Answer: You can receive spousal support if you are physically separated.Can I get alimony if we were only engaged but never married? You're not married so you are not legally entitled to any.Brette's Answer: Any settlement you reach has to be approved by the court.If it is reasonable, the court will not question it.

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