Brocade backdating stock options

Even Apple's Steve Jobs came under scrutiny from the feds.Reyes' defense was that he signed off on the backdated options without intent to deceive, and he thought the company's finance group had properly disclosed the backdating in the annual reports.

Deloitte is also the long standing auditor of Microsoft.Executives at Broadcom, Mc Afee and Comverse Technology have been able to evade federal criminal charges, but the defense may have been overconfident in avoiding using witnesses on Reyes' behalf.Another appeal may be in the works after the latest guilty finding by a jury.This is the not the first case brought by the government against Reyes, who had been found guilty on 10 counts of backdating options in 2007, where he was fined million and sentenced to 21 months in prison.On appeal, that decision was overturned on the grounds the prosecution "made a false assertion of material fact to the jury during closing arguments," wrote .

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