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Pushing the envelope a bit too far, critics were alarmed at the trivialization of Nazi Germany and the Third Reich.Despite 10 additional episodes having already been taped, the series was pulled immediately.Going in a slightly different direction is how remakes actually succeed (see ).This may have also solved the other major issue: Laws and attitudes are different in the U. Controversy over the show’s content was immediate and intense, and it ultimately wasn’t picked up for a second season.Now, famous movie stars are fighting to get recognition in the more personal world of the small-screen. Some of the most hated TV shows of all time were released in the last 10 years.This list is a compilation of series that span decades, genres, and distribution platforms.

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Back in the house, he encounters Missy, his girlfriend's mother. The film's low budget is obvious – the spoon appears to be cheap stainless steel. She uses his memory of his mother's death to implant in Chris a feeling of complete paralysis.The show was intended to be a satire, highlighting the ridiculous nature of sitcoms in the 20th century, in the vein of .Needless to say, the concept didn’t go over exactly as planned.Rose's brother Jeremy (Caleb Landry Jones) is very pale – his paleness emphasizes his whiteness and his evil. Weird, rude brother Jeremy reminded me of the Christopher Walken role in In that film, Woody Allen's character, Alvy Singer, feels excluded and harshly observed by his girlfriend's Gentile family.Allen milks much humor from the disconnect between his character and the Walken character.

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