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During that time, a boy who was struggling between what his mother believes and his doubts over those beliefs were somewhat influenced to clear his mind.

I mean it was not intentional, the film to explain us through the boy, but they were described in the way of someone's daily life base, except it was not an ordinary day for him/them.

It revolved between a father and son characters, so the side contributions were good, but does not require any praise.

The Clive Owen, who I consider an ordinary actor was brilliant in this.

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So that makes there are more things to care about than fighting for nonsenses.This movie was set in Washington State, but was filmed in the Metro Vancouver, Canada, area; more specifically, Walt is living at 20657 (at ) Dolman Street (at ) which is in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, in the Metro Vancouver area, so the probability is high that the truck was part of the film shoot.If an error were committed then it was that they didn't use a telephoto lens or Steadicam so the camera could have been out of the way.It was a quite interesting take, and in the current world scenario, this is a wonderful theme for a film which also has high entertainment value."Well, I don't know what kind of trouble he can get in in a day."I don't know the Christian commandment (or any religious's equivalent) that referred in it, especially the meaning of the title, but according to the writer, he wanted to tell what happens if a good behaving young boy breaks all the rule in just one day.Besides, a bit of his own life experience, as well as the outline was inspired by ' Bicycle Thieves'.

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