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He had tried to persuade her to have an abortion and told her that if his mother found out she would stop paying for his tuition fees but she decided to keep the baby.

On October 19 last year Jolie began complaining to Ogundele about the girl's behaviour during a chat on the MSN chat service.

He is also earned an FA coaching badge at the age of 15 and had previously played with the West Ham schoolboy team at the age of 12.

Jolie had been in a relationship with the victim, from Lewisham, south east London, until August last year but they split up after she discovered she was pregnant.

But he heard the screams of her being pushed in, confronted Ogundele, chased him off then pulled her out of the water and got her to safety.'He was her guardian angel but he is a very humble man and doesn't want this treated as out of the ordinary.' Both Ogundele and Jolie were well known in the 'grime' rap scene, a combination of hip-hop, garage and dancehall styles.

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A problem that simply had to be eliminated.' In the chat, Ogundele wrote: 'F*** her she's a little slag. He added: 'I could do it an easier way and find an addict to do it for some crack cocaine.' The pair interrupted their chat to discuss the next episode of the BBC drama Heroes and so Ogundele could be interviewed by a grime website about his first album 'It's A Dog Eat Dog World.' 'One of the chilling parts of this clear plan of murder is the seamless way these two youths move from the talk of conspiracy to murder to talk of things such as Heroes, light entertainment and popular culture,' said the prosecutor.

The pair drew up a 10-point plan for the murder which was later found by detectives on Ogundele's computer.

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