Belleek marks dating

It differed from the older black stamps with a banner saying "Millennium 2000" A green mark was introduced in 2001, using a darker colour of green based on Belleek’s corporate green.

This resulted in a lot of pieces having to be re-fired with obvious added costs.They also used to types of this one with the words "IRELAND" and one with EST 1857, under the word Belleek.12th Period Mark or "The 150th Anniversary Stamp" for the year 2007 only. And only the 2nd time Belleek used a mark for only one year.In 1980 a gold coloured stamp was introduced, shortening the banner inscription to "Ireland" and removing the Celtic disc altogether.Although the original plan was to replace the trademark every ten years after 1980, this did not work out and the next new mark did not come into place until 1993!

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