Being the nice guy dating

And it is this unique dynamic that can initially attract the nice guy and subsequently lock him into an unhealthy relationship often despite his better judgment.We often think of women with traits of BPD as having personality traits that cause them to have an unrealistic perspective on human nature.In order to accomplish this the nice guy may also need to come to terms with his own identity.He may have to learn to accept the fact that the ability to treat others well that comes so naturally to him is not a trait that most people share and that in order not to be taken advantage of he must learn how to carefully vet anyone who asks for his trust.People with this cluster of traits seem to have a natural aptitude for interpersonal communication.They also have a natural aptitude for closeness and intimacy.

His character traits lead him to believe that people are nicer or more trustworthy than they really are.But the combination of being deeply in love and his lack of awareness of how other personality types function may instead launch him into a state of disorientation and great confusion.Everything the nice guy experiences once she has transitioned into her devaluation phase will clearly indicate she is not the nice-girl type he mistook her for.And it is the nice-guy type’s mistaken assumption that deep down the woman with traits of BPD is really just like him that keeps him from recognizing her limitations as a relationship partner.But there is a very good reason for him to believe that she shares his nice guy traits.

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