Battlefield 2 bfq not updating

However, it is uncertain whether completing your paladin or warlock mount quest after patch 1.12.1 will cause you to automatically learn Journeyman Riding.

Example: my 37 druid has her mount already, but is too low to use it.

This helps give players access to more variety without requiring a large monetary investment if they, for instance, just want to pick a different colored horse.

If you have a regular mount and can ride it, you will not need to spend extra money to relearn it.

You will only need to buy the mount and have Apprentice Riding for 80g (undiscounted).

' In a nutshell, the cost of learning to ride a mount and the cost of purchasing a mount have been swapped.

Riding (Wolf), Riding (Nightsaber), and Riding (Ram) are each separate skills that allow you to ride an Orcish Wolf, a Night Elven Nightsaber, and a Dwarven Ram respectively.

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