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( on the plane) Jerome was sleeping, Adam was watching a movie, and Ashley was just staring out the window, this is the perfect time to ask her " Ashley? i asked "YEPSEDOODLES" he yelled Ashley,inthe shower said, ADAM WHT THE FUCK YOU SCARED ME" " SORRY" he yelled back, he ended his V- log " so" he said whispering " when is your first date? " i need to plan a date" i said panicing " chill bro" Adam said, as i went to plan a date, maybe...cuddling eating cake watch youtube, no more interesting, " AHA " i said outloud " what? she asked, it suprised me "umm tomorrow night, dinner than we come back here watch a movie, and eat cake" i said " Oh Mitchell that is the best idea ever" she said good, but i was tired time to sleep, Ashley got dressed while i got the bad ready, " G'night" i said " Night" she said climbing into bed, there was one bed two people it was awesome. In the morning i was woken up my Ashley, jumping on the bed " get up Mitchell" she said " wha-what is it?

i asked nervously " Yeah Mitch" she said in the most beautiful voice ever " umm... ' DINNER THAN CUDLING EATING AKE WATCING A MOVIE" i almost screamd " God i hope she didn't hear" i said Adam nodded, than left.

i'm not sure how to put this but....y- i was cut off becuase Ashley yelled"YES" and was kissong me,the yell woke jerome, and Adam jumped so much his headphones flew off, Jerome looked at us...........

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Vincent and the Grenadines) Lefties Sandwich Shak at Pebbles Beach Mr.

Delicious Snack Bar at Miami Beach The Barbados National Trust Winner of the Thomson Holidays Award of Excellence & Trip Advisor Hall Of Fame for outstanding customer service The barefoot tour guide…

Many Caribbean islands have beaches, but Barbados offers so much more than surf and sand!

Steeped in history, architecture and wildlife, and with arguably the friendliest locals in the Caribbean, Barbados is a fabulous place for the explorer as well as the beach bum. Flower Forest Globe Drive In Movie Theatre High Seas Charters Hunte’s Gardens Kingsville Apartments in Bequia (St.

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It all started when me and Jerome were recording a Video........" MITCH" Jerome yelled at me "what is it Biggums?

WAIT A SECOND yes it's me Mitch again just a little note, you might cry during this story if you don't want to deal with that close your browser and re-examine your life, Ok back to the story.

" Airport airport airport " i hear Adam singing behind me Ashley looked back, then i did he suddenly stopped, and hit stop on his camara, " I'm so hungry" i said " your always hungry Mitch" Ashley said, Ashley is so pretty i have a crush on her i have for a while it's just that,well i'm not sure....

Birthday decor is one easy (and usually cheap) way to let him know you want to make his day the best.

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