Ayaka nishiwaki dating

He is often referred to as a pervert and has a fetish with smelling young ladies fresh panties in their drawers.

Onizuka is also unashamed of the state of untidiness of his home and the fact that many porn magazines lie around his house. After finding out that Hajime Fukuroda has a secret longing for the academy's students, he made him into one of his pranks main targets; which consists of hitting him with water rockets.

Onizuka is very athletic: being able to bench press 150kg (approximately 330 lbs.).

He is a second dan black belt and was a college karate champion.

Onizuka is very presumptuous and vulgar which often leads him into trouble.

Although he is very hormonal when it comes to girls, he is still a virgin and seems to be unable to get a girlfriend.

He likes sexy women to the point of even sexually tempting Nagisa Nagase, Ryuji Danma's girlfriend, without caring that his friend was right behind him.

There, he is the homeroom teacher of the troublesome Class 3-4.

He teaches social studies, but is renowned throughout the school for teaching life lessons to his students.

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