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It looks pretty similar to the ZTE 4G Fit offered by Optus but with newer Android? I had a little "play" around with one of these yesterday.The Indian model is MTK based variant and has different specs and requirements and is not what we bring into Australia, nor would we recommend or support it locally. I just want to be sure that other users who Google and find these post / threads and don't realise that there are different hardware from other markets being talked about that while it has RF bands that make it attractive that doesn't mean you will be getting the same experience as a model we release locally in this market for the same bands.The reason for this is simple – Each carrier / network has specific requirements for devices and most importantly RF bands and performance requirements for a device to be suitable for their entire network and not just in the CBD type coverage.Apologies, I'm not up to date with the different "bands" the different networks use. Hi Mike, In Australia our Blade Q Lux has a totally different configuration.Only refer to the specifications that Telstra or ourselves list on our local Australian website (I would be very interested in the usability of the GPS .

I'm also keen to see if anyone has bought one of these and how it holds up in the real world.But I have to follow up and find out from HQ what they have planned. Battery life is all to do with environment RF wise.In good coverage Battery life is excellent – In poor RF coverage (low signal levels), then the battery life is shorter due to the handset having to transmit and work harder.If you are worried about battery life make use of 2G being around still as the battery in a 2G signal environment can last a week.The device is Bluetick and the results for that testing made it one of the best Rf wise.

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