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Burrowing owls use burrows year-round; for roosting during the winter and for raising young during the breeding season (Feb - July).

Florida's owls typically dig their own burrows but will use gopher tortoise or armadillo burrows.

One of Florida's smallest owls, it averages nine inches in height with a wingspan of 21 inches.

The burrowing owl lacks the ear tufts of the more familiar woodland owls.

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Unusually long legs provide additional height for a better view from its typical ground-level perch.

But sometimes they will both be in the burrow, especially when disturbed.

Wait and watch or check back often and you'll be sure to see them! A: The yellow post is actually a T-shaped perch that the owls can use for increased elevation to survey their surroundings. A: Burrowing Owls are most active at dawn and dusk so mornings and late afternoons are the best time to view them.

Historically, the burrowing owl occupied the prairies of central Florida.

Recently, these populations have decreased because of disappearing habitat while populations in south Florida coastal areas have increased due to modification of habitat by humans.

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