Assigned task not updating

I've created a Sharepoint Approval Workflow on a list which fires every time an item is added.

Keep in mind that the users need to choose Completed (or use 100%) on the task form.

When I drag an email that has an attachment, I need to open the email to access the attachment. When you create a task and the message is embedded in the task, any attachments remain embedded in the message.

If you want the attachment easily accessible, after attaching the email, drag the attachment to the task body, from either the reading pane or open message.

You need to get into the habit of right clicking on Tasks in the reminders window and choosing Mark Complete. A lot of users want to create subtasks – there really isn't a good solution for this, other than using categories or use the same subject prefix for all tasks that need to be grouped.

It would also be nice to have the date inserted at the beginning of new notes.

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