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While antisocial personality disorder symptoms tend to decrease as the person enters his/her thirties, basic characteristics remain that affect their lives and the lives of people whose lives they touch.

Perhaps most tragic is the fact that, were a person with "Anti Social Personality Disorder" to read this brief, they would probably not identify with the characteristics or believe they applied to them in any way.

Characteristically, the person is at least 18 years of age and there is evidence of Conduct Disorder before age 15 years.

(For more information, follow the aforementioned link.

Though I have to admit, having my own would-be enforcer was kind of nice.

While none of that was scary to me, it did make me start asking questions.

Anyone who remains in a relationship with someone displaying the classic personality traits of an individual with Antisocial Personality Disorder is destined for continuous hurt and disappointment.

People with ASPD do not outwardly appear different from the norm, however with time and opportunity, they will demonstrate unacceptable and hurtful behaviors towards others.

People with this disorder are at risk for substance abuse, alcoholism, vagrancy, suicide, incarceration, criminal activity, and dying a violent death.They claimed that it wasn’t possible for anything good to come of a relationship with a person diagnosed with ASPD and that he would likely try to murder me in my sleep. James explained to me that the reason he was able to study me and become the man I wanted was because sociopaths have a flexible sense of self. If I wanted a threesome with two guys, he would put the idea through his self-built filter, and give me the conditions under which it would be acceptable.I decided to ignore the experts, as is the way of my people (we’re fun, but not always bright). To be honest, he fascinated me even more after I knew what he was. Therefore, when I said I wanted a guy who would watch hardcore gay porn with me while writing love letters in henna on my back with a Japanese paintbrush, he simply asked if he should get the porn or the paintbrush. If I wanted him to react a certain way to something I was saying, I would tell what I wanted, give him the reasons why it was the appropriate reaction, and he would oblige. The relationship taught me a lot, mostly about myself.See also, brief description of Conduct Disorder below.) Although the diagnosis is limited to those over 18 years of age, there is always a history of antisocial behavior before age 15 demonstrated by repetitive lying, truancy, delinquency, and substance abuse.Perhaps the following entry from Health-Center says it all: "Mental health professionals who work with this population claim these people have an emptiness and sadness at the heart of their personality.

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