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He worked as a stage manager with Jamie after graduation, then got a job at director George Lucas' special effects company, Industrial Light and Magic ( ILM). He's billed as an electronics and radio-control specialist and his resume does nothing to disprove it -- he was one of the controllers for the R2-D2 model for "The Phantom Menace." While working at ILM as a model maker and animatronics engineer, he also worked on movies like "The Lost World: Jurassic Park," "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" and the last two "Matrix" films.At ILM, Tory built models for the first two "Star Wars" prequels, "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones." After eight years at ILM, Tory met up with Jamie again at M5 and was hired to work behind the scenes on "Myth Busters." Along with Kari, he became a part of the on-camera team during season two. Grant joined the "Myth Busters" team in 2005 after an invitation from Jamie.BLAST: Do people come up to you randomly on the street and ask you ridiculous questions expecting you to know the answer? We have 4-5 researchers who work around the clock on these weird stories. They get to call people and ask, “So where can I find a full size engine we can throw a hand into,” or “where can I find a stomach with all the acids still in it.” I got lucky, I get to be on the end with all the hands on fun stuff.BLAST Who’s idea was it to build a cannon out of duct tape?

A newly wed wife and mother of a newborn baby, Byron has traveled near and far solving the most controversial myths and loving every minute of it.A San Francisco native, Byron, 34, ended up on the show as somewhat of an accident.Interning for M5 Industries, Kari was first utilized for her “behind” for an early episode about a woman getting stuck on an airplane toilet. I wanted to try to get into special effects and I love sculpture, so I wanted to apply it and actually make some money out of it other than in the arts.KB: That one we actually found through the viewers website.We have, where we have a message board where you can send in your ideas, or if you’ve read something in a history book that sounds totally absurd, and you want to see if its true.

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