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But it would be a stretch to call these adaptations "based on a true story." The real tale of Anastasia and Anna Anderson is a far more twisted path, and one that ends without a song, but only with dreadful silence and more blood.

After leaving the hospital, Anderson was swarmed by those who wished to debunk or validate her as the lost Grand Duchess.

Instead, he offered a list of the Romanov daughters' names.

In the twilight between wars, Europe was scattered with Romanov relations, former servants, and friends — and many more Russian refugees.

News of the royal family's murder had become public knowledge, and Soviet counterintelligence fueled the rumor that maybe, somehow, a child had survived.

If she couldn't say who she was, could she perhaps indicate who she wasn't? Without saying a word, Madame Unknown became Anastasia: the 20th century's greatest royal riddle, never quite solved.

The Berlin patient, who eventually took on the name "Anna Anderson," was not the only Romanov claimant.

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