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anniversary, we assembled 35 of the world's most accomplished 30-year-old women for an epic, bicoastal production shot by legendary photographer Mark Seliger at five New York City locations—the Lower East Side, Minetta Tavern, Central Park, The Staten Island Ferry, and Seliger's own West Village studio loft—and on the West Coast, at Malibu's Paradise Cove Beach and, ironically, at Universal Studios' old New York-themed back lots. My mom said I used to do paintings and sign my name, "The Greatest Skier of All Time."Grace Gealey, Actress, Empire"This has been my year of self-realization.

Accomplished dreamers all, they see 30 as we do: It's no longer a deadline, it's the starting line. I started paying attention to what my mind, my body, my spirit were telling me about my life, personality and careerwise." Camilla Blackett, TV Writer, Fresh Off the Boat"Working with women you just get so much shit done—the lack of ego and posturing.

While there have only been occasional musical moments in the show – such as the time Amanda gave an impromptu rendition of Milkshake in a church, at a wedding – it has always brought to mind some of the best stage spectacles, those filled with wild outfits and wilder songs, which make you laugh with one breath before ripping out your heart with the next.

And like so many of those musicals – La Cage aux Folles with its chorus of I Am What I Am, Hairspray with its vivid celebration of outsiders – Ugly Betty has always, in the final analysis, been about self-acceptance and happiness, about the triumph of the underdog, about the moment that outsiders trump insiders, that the marginalised take centre stage, that goodness and kindness win out.

Not to forget Michael Urie and Becki Newton as office assistants, Marc and Amanda, a duo whose meanness, cattiness and empty-headed enmity towards Betty has gradually been inched to the side to show the human beings beneath the cartoons.Instead of weekly superpowered villains, Archie must contend with high school life, his own aspirations, parental expectations, multiple romantic interests and the aforementioned mysterious murder.The tribute on March 18-19 will include interviews from Osborne's interview series "Private Screenings," including conversations with Liza Minnelli, Peter O'Toole, Debbie Reynolds and Ernest Borgnine.Viewers will be rooting for her to find the sort of life she really wants in this final episode.Ana Ortiz has been perfect as Betty's wilful, vivacious sister, Hilda, who has ultimately found love with her hot former high school boyfriend, Bobby, after years as a fiercely loving single mother to her son, Justin ("Honey, don't dance near the guy with the hand under his coat!

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