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It may cost but they keep alot of messages on file due to the fact a message does not take alot of space.Also go to tools and select the messanger service to auto save the messages.You can save conversations manually, but you can't archive them automatically.You can send and receive files, but only one at a time.Would clearing my cookies and temp files do the trick?

That being said: you're talking about law enforcement, and then can go directly to AOL with the appropriate court orders and get information that's otherwise unavailable to you and me.

The only things you'll need are a free screen name and the appropriate software for the type of chat room you want to join.

Before you can participate in any of AOL's chat rooms, there are a few necessary tasks you need to complete, including downloading the appropriate AOL software for your computer and signing up for a screen name.

I know there is no way to retrieve IM conversations when you are using AIM. I've heard that there is some way to access emails and IM conversations even if those emails are not AOL 'mails and the person is no longer signed into the email website, or signed into IM.

Is this possible, and how would I delete those records?

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