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The Harris Law Firm employs gifted, highly-skilled lawyers from around the nation in our mission to provide quality family law representation to Colorado.

Each of our family law attorneys are passionate about providing powerful, effective, and mutually-beneficial solutions to all of our clients.

Our dedication is to serving the needs of each of our clients with effectiveness and precision.We both made it clear to one another that there is no commitment involved here. After a couple of months of us occasionally meeting, watching movies, talking and having sex of course – he suddenly told me that he can’t keep doing this. We interrogated each other about our past, including past relationships and dates. I always spent the whole night at his place after intimacy. This is just my experience, but obviously your guy is not my guy.For a minute I panicked, but in less than a second it hit me: He wants to have a real relationship. He said that he’s in love with me, and wants me to be only his. He is completely different and your situation is too.Our entire legal team meets frequently to discuss our cases with each other, offering insight and collective experience from thousands of diverse cases.When you work with a lawyer from our firm, you are actually benefiting from the abilities and acumen of over a dozen highly-skilled attorneys.

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