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Microsoft, like Sony and Twitch 7 years later, found no quick fix beyond booting perpetrators from its service as one parent found out when she questioned why her account was banned until the year 9999 from Xbox Live.Her son, reportedly, had been exposing his genitalia while playing card games.Adam Boyes suggested as much when he called "The Spartan Show," saying Sony "always just thought people would do streams," but that it "never thought people would do them with Play Room." The logistics of the game, too, make it a special case.It demands the use of the pricy Play Station camera that doesn't ship with the console, and unlike almost all other games, sets its action in your house.They've been a young child standing silently in his house as an anonymous someone uses his TV to tell him he's "outside his window." The child's eyes grow wide and he turns around to check.He's still too short to see out of the window, so he stands on a chair and gingerly pulls a curtain aside to peek out, before nervously shaking his head.Less than two weeks after the Play Station 4's launch, Twitch banned streams of The Playroom.

Sony may not have foreseen the problems that would occur with The Playroom streams.

Sony's major rival had to respond to similar issues when it launched the Xbox Vision Camera in 2006.

In a spot of impressive outside-the-box thinking, the device allowed Xbox 360 users to import their faces to games such as Rainbow Six: Vegas, but it gained most notoriety as a means of transmitting pornography while playing virtual Uno.

Support for streaming DNLA content came a while after both the XBOX 360 and PS3 were launched. Gaming are competing to become the centralized hub where you go to enjoy all forms of entertainment, be it audio, video or interactive.

The porn industry will without a doubt find a way to muscle in on the next generation console craze.

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