Accurate ultrasound dating conception

I discovered I was pregnant unexpectedly, and went to have an ultrasound on May 23rd.

Due to having wavering periods, I never really keep track, and therefore I don't know when my last period was.

I assume she was told on December 12 that she was about 5 weeks 5 days gestational age (dated from first day of last period) or 3 weeks 5 days since conception, and the doctor (not your wife or you by yourself) came up with the assertion that she conceived on November 16?

Even though your chances (having used protection) are less than the man with whom she is now living (if she did not use protection with him), it would be a good idea to do a DNA test to rule you out for sure, . IF the date for conception is right, then you do have a chance to be the dad, because condoms only have about an 80% effectiveness rate. The way to know if the date for conception is correct is to analyze where it came from.

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So, my question is, when I went to have my ultrasound, the sonographer did 2 measurements for the conception date: one was 6 weeks and 3 days, and the other one (just to be sure) was 6 weeks 5 days.Of course, if you both used protection, then a DNA test is the only thing that will tell you for sure. If the doctor looked at the ultrasound and offered this specific date, and said it is the conception date, that suggests accuracy.Did he say she was 5 weeks 5 days 'pregnant'?Also, she did a ovulation test 5/26 which was positive.I found were a positive ovulation test could mean positive pregnancy as well. If there is a decent chance based on EDD of 2/11, then I would like to press her a little harder to get the noninvasive DNA test now. I feel the EDD is accurate because it was confirmed by a mutual friend and probably done around mid July.

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