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It was also converted to a newer EMD control stand with 26L air. Both the 12 share the same unique headlight hood rarely seen in the U. The front train line was re-routed so the air can be cut in from the engineer's side (switcher style) and the snowplows were removed and replaced with straight steel pilots.

In 1988, CN began a new rebuild program of 39 GMD-1s to be completely rebuilt and then reassigned.The 1413 was also officially named after and dedicated to owner Richard Samuel's mother, Eileen Williams Samuels, who passed away in 2010. These shocks have dramaticly improved the 1413's ride and performance and as of July, 2012, it is now in regular revenue service on the East Portland Division.The 1413 is currently the primary switcher on the East Portland Division, with the OPR's No. The following links are to mechanical drawings and photos of the 1413 series of CN locomotives, courtesy of Gord Hilderman of No.Here are 40 maps that explain the conflict — why it started, how the Allies won, and why the world has never been the same. The white front snow cover was removed along with the upper radiator covers. Standard overhead radiator covers will be reinstalled and Brian Samuels is fabricating a new front intake grill that will be similar to the 1202. This makes the 1413 a very unique locomotive and a one of a kind.

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