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If you wanted something with less responsibility, you could answer relevant questions on Quora, Reddit, or a subject forum.One favorite option is to start a blog where you can publish posts explaining your findings, methods, and results.Ericsson found that elite athletes, writers, and musicians could only sustain the concentration needed for Deliberate Practice for relatively short periods of time.Their concentration on very specific skills, however, ensured they continued to improve and perform at the top of their game. get better at presentations by video capturing your performance with a smartphone. But after a certain amount of research, the National Training Laboratories felt confident enough to release The Learning Pyramid.Many of his posts read as lessons that others could follow.

If you’re at an advanced level, you could use sites like Private Tutoring At Home to find tutoring gigs.

You can even find tools and apps for tracking deliberate practice in the key areas of your life. Alternatively, you can search for specialized tools like Speech Maker. And then practice live coding interviews with new tools like Pramp or This is a simple diagram showing the very rough retention rates to be expected through various forms of teaching.

The web is full of educational games and tools for different skills. The pyramid has its opponents, but for many, it remains a reliable guideline.

That is, to focus very deliberately on the sub-skills that make up an overall skill.

To delve even deeper in this topic, read Cal Newport’s blog, Study Hacks.

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