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Ll the first case the accused deniea that he took nii Tthiiig at all from tlw the tample ; in the second, be denies that be touk anything belo Dgiiu to the temple.

Under this head are included all questions about what is honourable.

• On the contrary, if orstoiy be jwr/ert wdfory, it mnat neoaamilj be B viriui.

J i Tbi)i passage the learned have in vain solig M in tlie Epiatle B t* U Bruins ; nor is their disappointment at all woud«rful, if the ingenioni fl and learned Tunstall is right in his Epist Je to Middleto D, in condemn 1 ing tbo Be epiatlee ne spurious.

For Soeratea in i Plato seems to say to Gorgias* that the matter of oratory h • Plato Gorg.

or Bometimes praioriptio ; the Greelts /wra Xq-J-ij or rapnypafl/, Gedojn haj renderad it comp Slamt, the qneation being whather it is rompetcil to a person who appears as an Bjjcuser, to bring an action agiunst the person wbom ha auonaes, (b« in tha aocusation agaiust Rabiriu B Po Btumua mentioned in sect.

definition, xoi hma,v, " rational induction," and relation.

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