365dating com

Singles 365 was started in 2003 and has over 2 million members.It is a highly recommended dating website and I was interested to see what was on offer.The longer you subscribe to the service the cheaper it works out and there are many incentives included, like various discounts and promotional offer.The other benefits included in a subscription are the added extras that become available.It does what it says on the tin basically, which enables it to be very easy to use, and you are walked through the process with clear and precise text.

You have the option of writing your own dating diary, not only for your own information but also for helpful hints and tips to new members.

The first thing that struck me when I first entered the site was the simple but effective layout and design.

No ‘mumbo jumbo’ but instead clearly labelled categories’ the bottom of the first page, there are also pictures of people that have joined in last 12 hrs, which are refreshed every time you enter.

The next step was to create my profile, answering the usual basic questions, such as height, build and so forth and wasn’t too challenging, just an extract of what it is you are looking for and a bit about yourself and our personality.

The recommended amount of words for this part are 100-150 but obviously the more information you include the easier it is to find like minded people.

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