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If you can’t max out your IRA contribution, at least set up automatic weekly withdrawals and factor them into your normal budget.

Depending on your income and expenses, even 0 a week can become unnoticeable after a month or two, and you’ll be thanking your younger self when you’re coming up on retirement time.

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(And no, I’m not just talking it up because that job happened to be right here at The Penny Hoarder.)But I’ve always had itchy feet, and the road was calling — as were my aging parents, who lived a few hours away and could use more help around the house than they were ready to admit.

Taking the freelance plunge was scary, but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made — and you can do it, too. My goal: to gross ,000, earn at least five new bylines and focus more on fun, creative projects.

*Author’s note: These figures represent total income generated in a given quarter, rather than total income actually received.

First launched in mid-2013, the idea for Canva came to founder and CEO Melanie Perkins, who had originally created a system that made the process of building layouts for school yearbooks easier.

But she soon realized that a simple user interface for more complex design tasks could have broader appeal.

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