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“There is a reporting restriction on this case,” the former English Defence League (EDL) founder said.“I have to be super careful, you see, because when I was coming to these court cases, part of what the police did was they dawn raided me and they put me on a contempt of court charge, which would mean that I could face prison.” Robinson first broke contempt of court laws, which aim to safeguard the judicial process and stop trials collapsing over fears the jury has been swayed, in May 2017.There is also a "close in age" exception for 12 and 13 year olds.A 12 or 13 year old can consent to sexual activity with a partner as long as the partner is less than two years older and there is no relationship of trust, authority or dependency or any other exploitation of the young person.Donald Trump Jr, the US President's son, shared a tweet from a Robinson supporter with the comment "don't let America follow in those footsteps", while foreign politicians including Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders have called for his release.

The age of consent is the age at which a young person can legally agree to sexual activity.Age of consent laws apply to all forms of sexual activity, ranging from kissing and fondling to sexual intercourse.All sexual activity without consent is a criminal offence, regardless of age.Robinson previously raised fears the Finsbury Park terror attack trial would collapse after he live-streamed interviews with journalists before the verdict was handed down.Prosecutors and the former head of national counter-terror policing said his posts had radicalised Darren Osborne, who consumed Robinson’s posts and other far-right material as he plotted to ram a van into Muslims.

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