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15 (Race and Ethnic Standards for Federal Statistics and Administrative Reporting), a survey was conducted of census recipients to determine their preferred terminology for the racial/ethnic groups defined in the Directive.

For the White group, European American came third, preferred by 2.35% of panel interviewees.

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Approximately 10 million passed through on their way to some other place or returned to their original homelands, leaving a net gain of some 47 million people.

Prior to 1960, the overwhelming majority came from Europe or European descent from Canada.

In 1960 for example, 75.0% of foreign-born population in the United States came from the region of Europe.

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However, the latter terms are often also used to refer to persons with ancestry anywhere in the Mediterranean region, including North Africa and the Middle East.

Whereas the terms White American and Caucasian American carry somewhat ambiguous definitions, depending on the speaker, European American when used properly has a more specific definition and scope.

In the 2016 American Community Survey, German Americans (13.9%), Irish Americans (10.0%), English Americans (7.4%), Italian Americans (5.2%), and Polish Americans (3%) were the five largest self-reported European ancestry groups in the United States forming over a third of the total population.

August 18, 1587) on Roanoke Colony, present-day North Carolina, United States was the first English child and girl, in a late 16th-century attempt by Queen Elizabeth I to establish a permanent English settlement in North America.

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