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Two days later £6,000 was removed from the victim’s TSB current account.

The victim subsequently contacted their phone provider and was informed that someone contacted the provider purporting to be the victim and had cancelled their contract and transferred their number to a new SIM.

Don’t be tricked into giving a fraudster access to your personal or financial details.

Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected text or email.

The Eastbourne Seniors Forum (ESF) has been set up along with many others across the country to be a voice for the over 50s Membership is open to all who live or work in Eastbourne and its surroundings Following a very successful launch in 2008 we are now seeking to bring together all the members who have offered to get involved in some way or other and form and develop groups with particular interests.

Do click on the various links to other sites full of information on different subjects of interest to over 50s Importantly.

Victims have reported large losses as a result of this fraud.

One victim initially dismissed text messages received from their network provider containing a PAC number.

There has been an increase in reports made in May by TSB customers relating to “port-out” fraud.

It allows customers to keep their existing phone number and transfer it to a new SIM card.

The existing network provider sends the customer a Port Authorisation Code (PAC), that when presented to the new provider allows the number to be transferred across.

This added the spoofed text to an existing TSB message thread on the victim’s phone.

The victim clicked on the link within the text message and entered their personal information.

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